Who are we?

New Spirit fosters professional and creative communities and initiatives in Jerusalem.

Our vision

Jerusalem will be a magnate for creative thinkers and doers who are interested in taking part in social and ethical change that will influence all of Israeli society.
Jerusalem will be a city with an singular art scene, a lively center of government, an innovative and dynamic civil society which acts as a compass for Israeli society at large and will prove that different communities can live together side by side through joint creation in a mixed city.

Our Mission

● Develop diverse creative professional communities with a strong Jerusalem identity and leadership attitude which propel the economic development and social change in Jerusalem.
● Empower young Jerusalemites, personally and professionally and turn them into a group that can initiate change.
● Encourage and increase dialogue between the communities
● Change the "user-experience" of Jerusalem for individuals and creative communities and draw additional communities with similar agendas to the city.

Our Tools
●    People who do and think creatively
●    Compass – a strategic and value based way of thinking
●    Develop creative communities
●    Build and grow innovative spaces for community bases
●    Accelerator programs and assistance for social and economic initiatives


Our Values
●    Social innovation
●    Leadership
●    Business innovation
●    Creativity and Art

The organization works with 4 core communities which are social, creative and professional niches for those involved. All community members work according to specific values and their activities reflect those values. The shared principles and actions become a common language which contributes to the dialogue between the communities and the creation of a heterogeneous community with shared values.


Core Communities
●    Artists
●    Social innovators
●    Government workers and academics
●    Creative Industry- high-tech, design and media


Accelerator programs include
●    "Creating Space" (Placemaking)
●    ToolBox
●    Meitarim project
●    Micro – Grants which help grow creative social initiatives
●    Residency programs for young artists