Alliance House

The Alliance House – is the base of New Spirit and an incubator for the
creation of innovative communities.
New Spirit fosters professional and creative communities and
initiatives with a strong Jerusalem identity and leadership focus in
Jerusalem. These communities act as an economic driver and engine
of social change in the city.
New Spirit was provided with the temporary use of the building by renowned businessmen Amir Biram, Nahum Rosenberg and Lio Noei after the Alliance House has stood empty and abandoned for 15 years, right in the heart of the Machne Yehuda Market.

7 creative communities work in the Alliance House 

-C.A.T.A.M.O.N – a Jerusalem dance troup
-The Hirshberg Painting and Drawing School
-The School of Music and Silence – an independent collective of musicians
-The Branja – A community of theater professionals
 -Artist Graduates –a civic center for visual arts for the ultra-orthodox community
-Alliance7 – A video, photography and media collective
-New Spirit- An organization which forms professional and creative communities in Jerusalem.

The groups interact and partner with each other. The house acts as a
model for an active community working towards shared values and
shared creation. New Spirit aims to encourage the sense of community in the building. 

New Spirit has turned the phrase of "thinking outside the box" into a
way of life, and has acted for over a decade as a laboratory for
Jerusalem innovation