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New Spirit was founded in 2003 by a group of jerusalemite students in cooperation with businessmen around the city, in the hopes of making Jerusalem more appealing and relevant to the youth and that it will return to be a strong and leading cultural-economic center, as the capital of Israel should be.

Throughout the years, New Spirit has initiated hundreds of projects and ground-breaking programs that tens of thousands of young adults have participated in, and that have gradually been accepted and encouraged by the public and private domain across the city.


New Spirit acts out of the belief that Jerusalem can and needs to be socially, culturally and economically thriving for all of its residents and for the entire country. Jerusalem will improve as a city and will become more appealing and relevant to the Jerusalem youth specifically, but also to youth in general so that they may consider settling in the city in the future.

As a result of this, the socio-economic foundations of the city will grow stronger and so will Jerusalem’s image as a city that provides a good quality of life to its residents and embraces the variety of cultures and different populations living in it.


New spirit is an organization that is working to strengthen Jerusalem’s status as a captivating, inspiring capital city, that is relevant to the youth.


We work with and for the creative youth that of Jerusalem, in order to contribute to the creative economy, the business entrepreneurship and Jerusalemite innovation. We provide professional and personal accompaniment, a physical space and digital platform. We create practical solutions and physical infrastructure that allow these youth to create professional and creative bonds between activists from different occupations. Between themselves, between them and relevant city partners and between them and the city itself. They all gather into one cohesive, consolidated community that acts to change the Jerusalemite reality and choose to live their lives in it.


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