It is proven that a creative scene breeds economic growth and can strengthen Jerusalem, which is what New Spirit aims to achieve. We provide a professional platform that allows creators from the field of design to evolve and determine their professional future in Jerusalem. As such, we run economic accelerator programs intended for creators at the beginning of their careers, which helps to empower and develop creative businesses. We also provide professional, business and networking tools to designers and media professionals wanting to further develop their careers. One evolves in this program as self-employed, business owners, and employees in the Jerusalem ecosystem, which connects the design field to the high-tech world and startups.


Accelerator program geared towards designers and media professionals in Jerusalem. The program provides practical tools for designers who are graduates of schools of design, art, advertising, marketing and media from all over the country, and who are interested in starting a business in Jerusalem. In addition, the participants receive business accompaniment at the completion of the program, as well as exposure for their new creative businesses to customers and potential investors in Jerusalem and outside the city. This program is a joint venture of New Spirit and the Jerusalem Development Authority.


Product Design

Have you studied industrial design / fashion / ceramic jewelry and have a dream to produce products? Unsure of where to start? How and where are marketers, exempt practitioners / authorized dealers? Toolbox and Studio Frame offer you a plan that will alleviate the mess, will open up the possibilities for development in the field and will give you tools to open your business in Jerusalem.

Graphic Design and Animation

Have you completed your studies in visual communication or animation and have the desire to be independent or start your own business? Here is the place to get the tools that will help you bridge the gap between academia and employment in the professional world: Self-marketing, dealing with tax authorities, pricing, customer relations, time management and more. It includes leading mentors from the field, analysis of case studies, exposure events, inspirational meetings and networking. Last but not least, it includes a workspace at Alliance House, equipped with Mac computers and all the required programming, in a diverse and inspiring human environment.

We provide:

    • Connection to the design community of New Spirit
    • Personal workstations 
    • Wireless Internet
    • The Chillout Room is equipped for rest and for meetings with clients
    • A sunny courtyard for vitamin D absorption
    • Professional workshops and closed events
    • A luxurious coffee machine
    • A joint stay with the artists and designers of Alliance House
    • The ease of knowing you have a space to work in everyday, without the need for prior arrangement.
    • The hours of operation are subject to the hours of activity at the Alliance House: Sun-Thurs from 8:00am-8:00pm.

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