Organizational Background

New Spirit was founded in the footsteps of the Second Intifada. After the darkness that befell the city, a negative migration of young-adults from Jerusalem began. Five Hebrew University students looked around themselves in 2003, and decided to make a change, to revitalize Jerusalem.

Thus, New Spirit began.


In 2009 7,000 people left Jerusalem, 60% percent of who were Jewish young-adults and families. New Spirit is fighting the flight of young-professionals and Halutz “pioneering” young-activists (ages 24-35) from Israel’s capital because they are central elements in the city’s economic infrastructure (they work, pay taxes and spends money on culture and recreation) and are leading the fight for Jerusalem’s pluralistic Jewish character. The organization aims to transform the future of the city by addressing its strengths and weakness in the present tense.  The organization works to rejuvenate the Capital by cultivating a young Jewish lay-leadership through targeted projects and events. In this effort, New Spirit is fostering and mobilizing a community of young adults who are taking responsibility for the place in which they live and who are a driving force in effecting change in the cultural life of the city.